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How can you support Sarah Palin?

Are you one of the millions of Sarah Palin supporters? Are you wondering what you can do to support her? Below we have just a few suggestions for ordinary people to show their love and support for Sarah Palin. One of the biggest things you can do is to just be an outstanding American citizen. Vote for conservative candidates and issues. Be proud to live in the United States. Love God, country, and family. Those three things are what every Sarah Palin supporter should be doing.

Give a donation to Sarah Palin's PAC at :

Follow her on her official Sarah Palin twitter:

Like Sarah Palin's facebook page:

Create a blog and write Palin-supporting entries.

Write editorials and send them to your local newspapers.

If a newspaper does a story against Sarah Palin, cancel your subscription.

If the TV show or newscast you watch has any anti-Palin bias, stop watching and send an email or letter in protest.

Write your members of congress in support of conservative and Sarah Palin issues and proposals.

Put a on your car.

Set your friends and co-workers straight about the "facts."

Read up on how Sarah Palin feels about important issues.

Don't be afraid to stand up for YOUR beliefs.

Register to vote and VOTE in the next presidential election.

Don't support companies that advertise on shows that are against family-values or make fun of Sarah Palin.

If you have children, teach them there is a right and a wrong. Instill the values Sarah Palin has.

Show .

Attend church if you can. Religion is important.

Love your country and don't be ashamed to show it.